One comprehensive solution across projects and properties
Docia is the construction industry's leading collaborator within digital solutions for project and facility management. Our solution spans across all stages of the building process: from idea through design, tenders and building, to creating an overview of deficiencies, submitting, operate and maintaining the properties. We are an impartial party of the construction industry, securing effective digital communication and assembling knowledge across disciplines and stages. Today, we have the most widely used solution and are leaders in our line of business.
Project Management
Projects are often complex processes, involving many different parties. Docia's tools within digital project management systematise and offer quality control for the whole building process while simultaneously ensuring a common understanding among the parties involved in the overall project - this leads to effective workflows, cost reduction and optimal knowledge sharing from square one.
Facility Management
Operation and maintenance of property portfolios demand comprehensive planning and an overview of all activities, down to the tiniest detail. Docia's tools for digital facility management create a financial overview, offering optimal planning possibilities, efficient workflows and resource optimisation.

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